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The Dangers of Food Preservatives

Preservatives are usually kept in food to help prevent bacteria from growing on the food hence reduce the spoilage so that they are sold for longer. As much as these preservative are meant for our good, they may be harming us without our knowledge. The effects of these preservatives are felt differently depending on the age and the health status of an individual. This article will highlight some of the dangers of food preservatives.

Breathing Problems

Preservatives may cause breathing difficulties. The severity of asthma is also increased with increased intake of food with preservatives. This is especially for foods with sulfite preservatives. Increased concentrations of these preservatives in the body causes shortness of breath and other breathing problems.

Changes in Behavior

These changes in behavior have been observed especially in children. Children given food with preservatives portrayed increased hyperactive behavior according to research done on children. The effects were measured with objective and parental reporting and concluded that the preservatives were to blame for the increase in hyperactivity.


Cancer Sybille This is the most serious effect of consuming preservatives in food. This is because some of the preservatives become carcinogenic after they are digested. This is for the preservatives in the class of nitrates. They react with the stomach acid and other digestive juices to produce by-products which are carcinogenic. Cancer is becoming a common disease due to such preservatives given the number of food preservatives we ingest by eating food preserved by these agents. This calls for one to eliminate the foods that are preserved with the nitrate preservatives.

Heart Problems

Preservatives are known to weaken the tissues of the heart. This has led to a wide array of cardiovascular diseases. The vessels supplying blood are also affected making the heart find it difficult to ensure blood flows properly.

Premature Aging

The skin is also affected by the consumption of these preservatives. One may look older even though they are many years younger due to these effects on the skin elasticity.


Some of the preservatives used in these foods may cause one to eat more and crave for more. This makes people eat more calories than they should in a day. This has led to most people being overweight and eventually obese when corrective measures are not taken.

Weakening of Bones

Preservatives of the phosphate class are known to cause weakening of the bones, and other organs are also affected by the effects of these phosphates.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

blue berriesThe stomach will react differently to these preservatives causing one to develop some gastrointestinal problems.

To be on the safe side, one should avoid these food preservatives at all cost. Going organic is a way to go. This will assure one that they are not eating any chemicals and they will enjoy fresh food since they do not have any preservatives. Eat fresh food and avoid food whose shelf life has been increased for people to make profits. Always read the labels of foodstuff to avoid buying someone that will harm you. Always insist on buying products with a natural tag on them.

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Christopher Jobe / November 17, 2017 / Preservatives